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The Mensendieck System of Functional Movements

The Mensendieck System of Functional Movements

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Inger Klemmetsen in cooperation with Gro Rugseth
International edition

Physical Balance and Harmony
The Mensendieck system has its roots in a view of humanity that has great faith in people's ability to take responsibility for their own health and that they, through knowledge, insight and guidance, can prevent the unfortunate consequences of dysfunctional movements.

This book contains the complete compendium of Mensendieck exercises, as they are known today. The book is now illustrated throughout with an abundance of instructive photographs that will inspire students and practising Mensendieck physiotherapists, both for individual execution of the exercises, and for observation of clients and patients. Each group of exercises have an introduction with suggestions for pedagogical communication of the exercises.

Inger Klemmetsen
is a Higher Education teacher for the Mensendieck Physiotherapy Programme at the Faculty of Health Sciences, Oslo University College. With a sound foundation in many years of teaching Mensendieck physiotherapy for the Mensendieck Physiotherapy Programme, she has taken on the responsibility of conveying her experiences.

Professor Per Andersen at the Institute of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo, has in his introduction evaluated the principles of Mensendieck physiotherapy in the light of recent neurological research.

339 pages
ISBN: 9788241205941